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About the product

The app assists mobile agents in collecting data by the means of handy surveys preloaded on their mobile devices.

  • Back-end (office) and mobile-site functionalities

For people in the office (Supervisors) who administer users, plan routes, define campaigns, create questionnaires, visualize reports and follow-up on mobile agents’ activities in real-time.

For Mobile agents who follow the routes and carry-out the merchandising activities assigned to them by Supervisors.

  • A standalone solution

Dynamics Mobile Merchandise is a standalone solution with own database and back-end system.

  • A cross-platform mobile application

Runs on Apple (iOS), Android and Windows 10 devices.

  • Complete Off-line mode

The synchronization technology allows Dynamics Mobile Merchandise to store and consume business data locally on the device, so the app runs in a complete off-line mode.


Main Functionalities

  • Route management

Supervisors plan routes per specific period and assign them to specific mobile agent. Once done, Dynamics Mobile applies automatic route optimization so activities can be completed in a faster way. Estimated distance and ETA (estimate-time-of-arrival) per visit are provided as well.

  • Territorial management

Define areas (geographical coordinates) on the world map in which mobile agents of a specific office/division can perform assigned activities. Setup geofencing notifications in case a mobile agent deviates out of the predefined territory.

  • Questionnaire data types

Dynamics Mobile supports a variety of data types that can help Supervisors create extensive questionnaires: Integer, Fractional, Date, Time, Single selection, Multiple selection, Text, Picture, etc.

  • Customer data

Mobile agents may see customer number, title, address, and more.

  • Geo-fencing enabled

The app monitors if mobile agents are physically located near the planned site/customer and automatically tracks their actual physical location for the visit performed.

  • Live fleet monitoring

Mobile agent location may be observed by Supervisors in real time on the world map.

  • Heat maps

Various heat map reports are available, showing the places in the world where most of the merchandising activities take place.

  • Fleet route compliance analytics

The system automatically registers and analyzes the planned customer visits of the fleet and measures their compliance with the plan.

  • End-of-day reports

Both Supervisors and Mobile agents may run end-of-the-day reports anytime and see current progress.

Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot Start customer visit
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot survey question
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot survey confirmation
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot Proof of delivery
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot route list
Dynamics Mobile Merchandise screenshot route map


Dynamics Mobile apps run on a subscription basis.

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DM legal agreement

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