Office 1 Superstore

Office 1 Superstore is an international franchising company for stationery and office supplies established in Florida, USA. The franchise is present in 8 countries. Currently it operates 76 stores in Bulgaria and employs over 1000 people.

In 2018, Office 1 Superstore opened a new warehouse and logistics center, the first facility of its kind within the industry in Southeastern Europe. It has a total area of 8,600 square meters and it is equipped with an automated warehousing and handling system OSR Shuttle by Austrian company Knapp. The 22-floor construction has capacity to store up to 12 000 products.

“We knew we would need an entirely new solution to operate this large facility. So, we chose to partner with Dynamics Mobile for the deployment of a solution designed to improve warehouse and inventory management operations. We equipped our warehouse employees with mobile devices fully integrated with our ERP system Microsoft Dynamics. Now the devices are a constant part of their daily activities like receiving, picking and shipping of goods, inventory checks, internal movements, and others.

The small articles are stored in an automated warehousing and picking system , while the bulkier articles and the overstock are stored in a conventional racking system.

  • We unload and receive goods from delivery trucks much faster. Also, the mobile solution helped us optimize the put-away process from the receiving zone to the warehouse bins.
  • Dynamics Mobile developed a locator functionality of each picked package, helping the worker locate its shipping zone quickly.
  • The picking process was improved with the best walking route in the warehouse.
  • The expedition process was also improved by easily bringing together packages picked from the different zones of the warehouse.
  • The order finishing process is almost fully automated, including automatic printing of all required documents as well as shipping labels of the delivery company.
  • With Dynamics Mobile our stock count process is fast and reliable by blind check of available articles and quantities.

The implementation increased our productivity by 80% and minimized the mistakes to 0,1%. Now we process more than 500 orders per day on average, as opposed to the 300 orders a day before the implementation. Our maximum capacity has increased to 600 orders per day.

We at Office 1 Superstore believe our partnership with Dynamics Mobile has provided us with a lot of opportunities to expand our scope of work and improve the processes within our company. We’re looking forward to our next project together” – Georgi Raitchev, Logistics and Replenishment Director.