Payment and refund

Dynamics Mobile Payment and Refund Policy

The Dynamics Mobile products and services are operated by Mobile Affairs LTD and accessible via
The clients are required to pay for the products and services – each product/service may have specific billing cycle and specific fees.

Dynamics Mobile Credits

Every client eligible to use Dynamics Mobile products and services, receives Dynamics Mobile Account with access to private control panel on the web site ( .

Clients shall pay the usage of certain products and services with Dynamics Mobile Credits

Clients may purchase Dynamics Mobile Credits for their accounts with credit card payment via the web site ( or via bank transfer

Whenever a client purchases Dynamics Mobile Credits, it will increase the client’s credit balance, visible in the control panel.

Each product or service used by the client, costs certain amount of Dynamics Mobile Credits

Products and Services

Each product or service has different cost and is always billed for actually used resources. Depending on the actual product or service used, the client balance will be deducted on daily basis and the client has access to a complete consumption log.

Dynamics Mobile Credits charges

Account balance charges are performed in real time for each service. For example, let’s assume the client has 30 Dynamics Mobile Credits (DMC) purchased and uses Dynamics Mobile Field Sales Application with one mobile user for 1 full month (30 days) . Let us also assume that the price for Dynamics Mobile Field Sales Application is 30DMC per month. The system will charge every day 1 DMC from the client’s balance, so on the 2nd day there will be 29DMC available, on the third day there will be 28DMC available and so on till the end of the month, when the balance will be 0 DMC.

Dynamics Mobile Credits Billing and Consumption Visibility

The system generates full consumption log in real time, showing the actual resources consumed and the Dynamics Mobile Credit charged for each service. For example the client may see the name of the mobile user used for each day together with the actual Dynamics Mobile Credits charged for it.

The system generates a Delivery Receipt document at the begining of each month, containing summary of all Dynamics Mobile Credits charges for each product/service type.

The system also allows the client to see a complete history of Invoices (Dynamics Mobile Credits purchases) and Delivery Receipts (Dynamics Mobile Credits consumption)

Refund Policy

Purchased Dynamics Mobile Credits are NOT refunded, but only compensated in services and products.

Free Dynamics Mobile Credits

Each new client receives, 100 DMC for free, which shall allow testing and evaluating the products and services provided. Once the free credits are depleted, the client must purchase Dynamics Mobile Credits in order to continue using the products and services.

Negative Dynamics Mobile Credits Balance and Account termination

If the client account goes with negative balance, the account will be suspended and services are halted until the negative balance is covered by purchasing more Dynamics Mobile Credits. If the negative balance stays for more than a month, the account will be deleted.


Last Updated: April 1, 2017